INTERVIEW: Indie Author Amanda Hocking

The Huffington Post interviews indie author Amanda Hocking about her success utilizing the Internet and the ability to self-publish her entire portfolio of novels as ebooks. From the interview:

” Everything I’d heard about self-publishing is that it was impossible to make a living, reach readers, or produce a quality product. But last year, I heard about how some other authors like Joe Konrath and Karen McQuestion are doing well with ebooks. So I thought that I had nothing to lose. I’d written about 12 books when I decided to self-publish, and I thought it would be better than them sitting on my computer. Worst case scenario, nobody would read them, and that’s what was happening anyway. “

More about Ms. Hockings’ success as an indie author of ebooks  from:


PC Mag

Huffington Post (includes video)



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