Tools of Change Conference

The O’Reilly Tools of Change ( TOC ) conference is being held February 14th – 16th in New York City. Check out the Program Schedule for summaries of all the topics covered. The conference is huge and is sold out. Link to the conference homepage here

About the TOC:

Driven by the Internet, technology is fundamentally transforming publishing. Creation, development, production, distribution, and consumption have all been touched by the changes and challenges that have accompanied the greatest shifts in publishing since the printing press. Which technologies are important? Which provide exciting business opportunities? And what are the strategic questions you need to consider in adopting new models?

O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference connects the people, companies, and organizations asking and answering the questions that will define the future of publishing. (TOC is a nod to the term publishing vets will recognize as referring to the Table of Contents of a book—a deliberate choice signaling our intent to set the agenda for the future of publishing.)

EXTRA! Publishing Perspectives provides a summary of several of the panels at the conference.


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