Pricing It Right

CNET has an article discussing the latest trends in eBook pricing. From the article:

” None of this bodes well for the publishing industry. Why? Well, 99 cents and $2.99 works for self-published authors, but it’s probably not going to cut it for traditional publishers or the authors who sign on with them. “


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eBooks according to Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney discusses eBooks and eReaders on his short commentary slot at the end of sixty minutes. Article, analysis and video from:

The Digital Reader ” As you might expect, he hates ebooks and e-readers. He doesn’t really add anything new to the discussion. “

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Is the next eBooks business model “all you can eat”?

Mark Cuban has a very interesting article on Business Insider where he discusses the potential for eBooks to be sold as an ‘all you can read” subscription service delivered from the Amazon cloud. From the article:

” Why not ? Download and read any book you want from our collection of 10s of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands. When you are done with it. “Return it” by simply deleting it from your library and pick another to read.  Read as much as you want as fast as you want. Add our kids subscription for another $1 per month. More than one kid, get one for each ! “

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E.U. Investigates eBook Publishers

European Union officials raided ebook publishers in an effort to determine whether certain companies have violated EU antitrust laws. Articles and analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” The government interest comes amid a broad move by publishers toward a so-called agency model, in which publishers set prices for e-books. That results in widely uniform prices for consumers. Regulators are examining whether those arrangements unduly restrict competition. “

The Register ” Many observers expected the arrival in Europe of Amazon’s Kindle, and therefore increasing electronic sales, to result in falling prices for ebooks. “

Reuters ” No deadline had been set for completing the probe, which would depend on how much the companies involved cooperated with the Commission. “

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The History of eBooks

TeleRead has an interesting InfoGraphic by Piotr Kowalczyk that charts the origins of ebooks and shows the incredible trajectory they are on.

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eBook Trends for 2011

Robin Good at Master New Media has assembled predictions and forecasts for the eBook marketplace in 2011. From the article:

” 2011 will be the first year traditional publishers feel the need to compete against the indie ebook alternative. “

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Random House adopts Agency Model

POD (via Publishers Weekly) reports that publishing power Random House is switching to an Agency Model for eBook Sales. From the article:

” This seems nothing more than a capitulation on the part of Random House that they are only now boarding the e-book train late, having watched the steady growth of digital sales with their competitors, and the damaging affect of not having books widely availably on the critical e-books retail platforms. “

More from:

The Los Angeles Times


The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

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