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The Faster Times interviews author Matt bell about his exploration into self-publishing ebooks. From the article:

” I think indie publishers are right now well-served by the fact that many of their customers prefer paper books, especially ones that are well-crafted art objects. That’s going to keep their print runs and sales figures the same for a bit longer, but I think they should all be looking at e-books seriously, and figuring out what their strategy is for the fast-approaching day when everyone is completely comfortable with reading e-books on a daily basis. “


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Established British author tries the Indie route

Guardian.co.uk has an interesting article about British author Stephen Leather who decided to publish several novellas on the Kindle platform and had breakout success. From the article:

” To maximise sales, he priced his books at Amazon’s minimum for independent writers – about 70p (the equivalent of 99 cents). At this level, authors receive a cut of only 35% of the price; under Amazon’s pricing structure, this rises to 70% if they price their books above the equivalent of $2.99. He then went on various forums to drum up awareness. “

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eBooks vs Traditional Publishing

E-Book Endeavors has an interesting guest post by ebook author L.B. Gschwandtner. L.B. breaks down the benefits of self-publishing ebooks versus going the traditional route. from the article:

” According to Stephen Shapiro, a blogger who attended last year’s annual convention of the book industry, BEA, each year, 172,000 new books are published in the United States. Of those, only 1,000 books sell more than 50,000 copies in retail channels. Less than 25,000 sell more than 5,000 copies. Ninety-three percent of books published (160,000) sell less than 1,000 copies. That represents all books published. “


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Author Jana DeLeon

Jana DeLeon, a published romance mystery author discusses self publishing and ebooks. From the article on The Unruly Guides

” I’d always known I would release the books in ebook format. My minor is in programming and I’m currently a technical writer for a software company. I understand, enjoy, use and promote technology every day, so the ability to release my books for readers, at a discounted price but one that still made me considerably more profit than traditional publishing was in the forefront of my mind during the entire rights fight. ”

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INTERVIEW: Indie Author Amanda Hocking

The Huffington Post interviews indie author Amanda Hocking about her success utilizing the Internet and the ability to self-publish her entire portfolio of novels as ebooks. From the interview:

” Everything I’d heard about self-publishing is that it was impossible to make a living, reach readers, or produce a quality product. But last year, I heard about how some other authors like Joe Konrath and Karen McQuestion are doing well with ebooks. So I thought that I had nothing to lose. I’d written about 12 books when I decided to self-publish, and I thought it would be better than them sitting on my computer. Worst case scenario, nobody would read them, and that’s what was happening anyway. “

More about Ms. Hockings’ success as an indie author of ebooks  from:


PC Mag

Huffington Post (includes video)


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