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The Best e-Readers

Good e-Reader has a list of the Top 10 e-Readers for March 2011. From the article:

” Amazons flagship e-reader is leading the pack with the top content distribution online ebook store. The latest generation Kindle 3G features faster page turns, a sold 6 inch e-Ink Pearl screen. Here is a interesting fact, you can bypass the Great Firewall of China using the 3G network Amazon gives you for free with purchase. “


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Publishers Point of View

SourceBooks has an interesting article about the eBook revolution from the perspective of a traditional publisher.  From the article:

” If you remember only one thing from reading this article, let it be this: metadata really matters for ebooks. On the web, reading with your e-reader, on your phone or however/wherever you access ebooks, discovery is everything. “

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eBook Economics

Major Publishing Houses to independent authors are experiencing a dynamic shift in the publishing economy due to eBooks. Articles and analysis from:

The Next Web ” The ebook also allows authors to skip over other hurdles, including the very cold reality that most offline retailers won’t stock a self-published book on their shelves. Though online retailers like the Kindle and Nook stores can still give preferential treatment for major publishers, they’re able to provide a wide swath of inventory from the long tail. “

The Province ” For the better part of a decade, many people have been predicting the end of traditional publishing and the rise of the ebook. That moment appears to have finally arrived, thanks to the popularity of the Kindle and other ereaders, as well as the iPad. “

The Huffington Post ” Do authors still need publishers in this new world order? I think it all goes back to my first question. To survive and thrive, publishers big and small must do for authors what authors cannot or will not do for themselves. ”

Newbie’s Guide to Publishing ” These days, signing with a publisher, who will give you an advance in return for the majority of all your royalties, forever, isn’t lucky at all. It’s like signing a balloon loan, where the payments get bigger every year. Or a life insurance policy, where you keep paying more annually for fewer benefits.

Nathan Bransford ” Publishers can explain their costs and how e-books don’t save them much money until they’re blue in the face, but on a gut level many people simply don’t believe an e-book should cost $12.99. It feels too expensive. A lot of people will simply not buy one or even go and pirate a copy because they feel like they’re being ripped off. “

Divine Caroline ” How long will it be before writers go directly into the route of independent publishing and sidestep the traditional publishers altogether? Before you tell me that will never happen, let me ask you how many twenty-somethings have a land line in their home? When you ask them if they have a land line, their answer is liable to be, “What for?” This just might be the same question many young writers begin to ask when considering the often discouraging, and always time-consuming route of submitting manuscripts to traditional publishing houses. “What for?”

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eReader Challenge!

PC & Tech Authority compares the Amazon Kindle 3, the Nook Color and the Sony Reader Touch Edition. From the article:

” Three of the more popular eBook readers currently on the market are the Amazon Kindle 3 (3G Wi-Fi), Barnes & Noble Nook Color and Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-650). Each model comes with its own unique selling points, as well as a few singular flaws. If you’re looking to buy an eBook reader, you could certainly do worse than one of these models – but how do they compare? Let’s take a look at each in turn. “

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eBooks on the Android

TabletPCReview.com takes a look at the pros and cons of using Amazon Kindle’s App for the Android. From the article:

” Interestingly enough, Amazon’s Kindle application, operating under the marketing tag line “Buy Once, Read Everywhere,” will probably wind up making the Kindle itself obsolete. But the effect it’ll have on the sales of eBooks is undoubtedly positive, as the proliferation of Kindle app will only further drive Amazon’s eBook sales. ”

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eReaders and Tablets

There are several dedicated eReaders and an increasing amount of Tablets that provide for eBook reading. Articles and analysis by:

CBS News  (includes video) ” In addition to the actual e-reader devices, there are apps, a Nook app, a Kindle app, etc. available for both smart phones and tablets (like the iPad). And the best part is, they’re free! So if you own a tablet or a smart phone and would prefer to use that for your reading, all you need to do is download the app of your choice (just as you would any app) to enjoy many of the features we just mentioned. ”

ReadWriteWeb ” There’s little doubt that paper books will be a commercial force for a long time yet. Nevertheless, in 2010 eBooks and eReaders took a big step forward and eBooks now represent a sizable minority of the overall book market. ”

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HOW TO: Self Publish your eBook

The focus of maintream media regarding the eBook revolution is currently centered on the proliferation of eReaders like the Kindle, Nook and the iPad. However, over the course of the next year, the implications of anyone being able to publish their book(s) to a worldwide audience via the web will take center stage.

How many tens of thousands of writers, journalist, poets, and unknown authors will begin uploading their portfolio of stories and books online? How will they be discovered? What will they write about? Who will be the next JR Tolkien? The next Anne Rice? The next Hunter S. Thompson?

Will it be you?

Articles and resources regarding self-publishing your eBook below:

UPDATE: PCMag published a helpful article/slideshow here

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: J.A. Konrath’s (now infamous) article about his eBook success:  : ” Do you know what that is? That’s distribution. The very thing print publishers have had a lock on for a hundred years. Except now, authors control their own distribution.”

Memeburn  ” If you plan to make money from your book, it helps to have the marketing and web skills to promote the work yourself, and the design skills to create a professional-looking product. If you don’t, you can always hire a freelance consultant to help with these aspects. ”

The Huffington Post  ” Realize a book is a commercial product. Are your goals realistic? Who will buy your book? How will you reach your potential readers? Who is your competition? How will your book be better or different? ”

Self-Publishing Review – Provides numerous articles and resources related to self-publishing

FuelYourWriting.com has a good article about self-publishing and ebooks.

eBook Self-Publishing Guide has numerous facts and resources for writers considering self-publishing an eBook.

Catherine, Caffeinated provides an excellent checklist for ebook self-publishers.

Gizmodo – The founder of FastPencil.com provides self-publishing tips and hypes his service.

The Huffington Post – Author Boyd Morrison discusses his ability to land a deal with traditional book publishers with a successful eBook release.

Video: Creating a Kindle eBook on Amazon by ebookguru.org

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