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Tablets Growing in Popularity

GigaOM discusses the draw of multi-use tablets and why they may win out over dedicated e-readers in the long run. From the article:

” But why would Barnes & Noble, Amazon or others even be interested in tablets when they already make a cut of the digital book content purchases? Two answers come to mind: losing control over that revenue stream on other devices and leaving money on the table. “


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The History of eBooks

TeleRead has an interesting InfoGraphic by Piotr Kowalczyk that charts the origins of ebooks and shows the incredible trajectory they are on.

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eBook Trends for 2011

Robin Good at Master New Media has assembled predictions and forecasts for the eBook marketplace in 2011. From the article:

” 2011 will be the first year traditional publishers feel the need to compete against the indie ebook alternative. “

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eBooks in 2011

The following are forecasts, projections and predictions on the state of the eBook economy in 2011. Articles and analysis by:

Gear Diary ” It’s only a matter of time before eBook sales overtake paper book sales for a more extended period of time (as in, not the holiday season). Hardcovers are an easy target, but the real news is when quality paperbacks are overtaken by eBooks. “

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Free eBooks

Touch of Wisdom has a video discussing various resources to download free eBooks.

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Digital Book World 2011

The following are articles and information related to the Digital Book World conference recently held in New York City.

Publishers Weekly “ Russ Grandinetti, Amazon.com v-p of Kindle Content, offered a series of observations about the impact of digitizing on print and e-books sales. He noted that the Kindle is being sold in more than 100 countries and Kindle consumers buy 3 times as many books as their print consumers, emphasizing that “digital is coming faster than you think.”

Los Angeles Times  ” The huge jump in e-book sales has been driven by the increasing popularity — and decreasing price — of e-readers. About 10.5 million people now own a dedicated e-reader such as Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Apple’s iPad has been followed by a plethora of multimedia tablets. And e-books can be read on them all. ”

MediaBistro ” Finally, during a morning statistical session, a Verso and Digital Book World study revealed a promising statistic about the future of independent bookstores: nearly 81 percent of eReader owners would ‘likely’ buy eBooks online from indie bookstores.  “

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The eBook Revolution

The eBook revolution has begun. The Kindle, by Amazon, The Nook by B&N and the iPad by Apple are all technically sound platforms that provide the necessary hardware for ebooks to truly flourish as a viable alternative to their printed counterpart. Consumers seem to be embracing the new format at higher rates than industry experts initially anticipated. Where will the new innovations take the industry? How will this affect the major publishing houses? What happens when the floodgates are opened and anyone can publish their book for the entire world to access via the Internet?  The following are a collection of articles discussing various aspects of the changing dynamics of the ebook economy.

Guardian.co.uk ” While the numbers of ebook readers in the UK lag well behind their American counterparts, they are growing very swiftly, with huge leaps in sales reported over Christmas. On both sides of the Atlantic, publishers trying to predict the future shape of their business face rapidly moving goalposts. “

TriStar.com  ” My wife enjoys the flexibility of her Nook Color, an eReader from Barnes & Noble. All of the eReaders have pros and cons, from price (around $140 to more than $500) to size, to capabilities. Her Nook connects to the Internet through WiFi or 3G and can download a classic, such as “A Tale of Two Cities,” often for as little as 99 cents, or a bestseller for $10. At 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide and a half-inch thick, it fits in her purse. ”

World News Insight ” Let’s look at some numbers to make a case that Kindle is indeed a revolution. Kindle sales during the past three years since its launch in November 2007:
100,000 Kindles – March 2008
750,000 Kindles – October 2008
1 Million Kindles – March 2009 (Kindle 2 Ships)
3 Million Kindles – December 2009
4 Million Kindles – July 2010
6 Million Kindles – August 2010 (Kindle 3 Ships)
8.5 Million Kindles – December 12, 2010
11 Million Kindles – December 24, 2010
12 Million Kindles – January 2011
22 Million Kindles – December 2011 (conservative projection)
35 Million Kindles – December 2012 (conservative projection)

Seeking Alpha ” I believe that about 3 million Kindles were opened for the first time on or about Christmas Day and it would confound my understanding of human nature to think that, in the hands of people who love to read, those newly unwrapped Kindles led to only 6 million ebooks downloaded.”

TechCrunch   ” The sales info was really the stunner. The publishing industry relies on something called BookScan to determine sales and Amazon gives each author all of their BookScan data, across editions and titles. In other words, you aren’t just seeing what was sold on Amazon– you are seeing what you sold anywhere in the US. ”

GoodReads ” But what if the jump in ebook sales is more indicative of a larger trend? What if 2011 is going to be the year that ebooks make “the leap” and become the dominant form of reading? ”

Mashable “ Despite the hype around self-publishing via the web, publishing houses will play an even greater role in an e-book world. Commodity content is everywhere (and largely free), so high-quality vetted, edited content — which takes a staff of experts — will be worth a premium. “

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