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eBook Economics

Major Publishing Houses to independent authors are experiencing a dynamic shift in the publishing economy due to eBooks. Articles and analysis from:

The Next Web ” The ebook also allows authors to skip over other hurdles, including the very cold reality that most offline retailers won’t stock a self-published book on their shelves. Though online retailers like the Kindle and Nook stores can still give preferential treatment for major publishers, they’re able to provide a wide swath of inventory from the long tail. “

The Province ” For the better part of a decade, many people have been predicting the end of traditional publishing and the rise of the ebook. That moment appears to have finally arrived, thanks to the popularity of the Kindle and other ereaders, as well as the iPad. “

The Huffington Post ” Do authors still need publishers in this new world order? I think it all goes back to my first question. To survive and thrive, publishers big and small must do for authors what authors cannot or will not do for themselves. ”

Newbie’s Guide to Publishing ” These days, signing with a publisher, who will give you an advance in return for the majority of all your royalties, forever, isn’t lucky at all. It’s like signing a balloon loan, where the payments get bigger every year. Or a life insurance policy, where you keep paying more annually for fewer benefits.

Nathan Bransford ” Publishers can explain their costs and how e-books don’t save them much money until they’re blue in the face, but on a gut level many people simply don’t believe an e-book should cost $12.99. It feels too expensive. A lot of people will simply not buy one or even go and pirate a copy because they feel like they’re being ripped off. “

Divine Caroline ” How long will it be before writers go directly into the route of independent publishing and sidestep the traditional publishers altogether? Before you tell me that will never happen, let me ask you how many twenty-somethings have a land line in their home? When you ask them if they have a land line, their answer is liable to be, “What for?” This just might be the same question many young writers begin to ask when considering the often discouraging, and always time-consuming route of submitting manuscripts to traditional publishing houses. “What for?”


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Random House adopts Agency Model

POD (via Publishers Weekly) reports that publishing power Random House is switching to an Agency Model for eBook Sales. From the article:

” This seems nothing more than a capitulation on the part of Random House that they are only now boarding the e-book train late, having watched the steady growth of digital sales with their competitors, and the damaging affect of not having books widely availably on the critical e-books retail platforms. “

More from:

The Los Angeles Times


The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

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The Shot Heard ‘Round the (Publishing) World

NPR has streaming audio and an interview from July 2009 discussing the publishing industry’s reaction to the Wylie Agency’s decision to publish their backlist on Amazon. From the article:

” As somebody said to me as I was reporting on this: What you need the publishing houses for is to put books on shelves. If you don’t need books on shelves, you don’t need the publishing houses. So everybody’s trying to figure out, how many books do we need on the shelves? How many are going to be e-books? And if it’s going to be mostly e-books at some point in the future, what’s the future of the publishing companies? ”

Additional analysis by the Washington Post here

” Publishers want these backlist books to add dollars to their bottom line; authors want to get a higher royalty for the backlist titles because the publisher doesn’t need to make any further investment to generate sales. There’s not a lot of room here to meet in the middle. ”

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