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INTERVIEW: Carl Howe – The Yankee Group

PBS “Nightly Business Report” interviews Carl Howe, Director of Research for the The Yankee Group about the eBook economy. From the interview:

” Well, tablets are an even bigger market than e-readers, looking at about $5 billion this year just in the United States, about $17 billion around the world last year. This is going to be a huge market. “


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Barnes and Noble claims to have 25% of eBook Market

Book retailer Barnes & Noble claims to have captured 25% of the eBook market share. Articles and analysis from:

CNET ” Much like Apple has done with its retail locations, Lynch sees the company’s physical stores as the key to selling more Nook e-readers, as customers can handle the devices and have experienced salespeople explain their features. “

Planet Insane ” Although Barnes & Noble CEO, William Lynch, did not give the specific figures on the Nook reader sales, the solid sales of the Nook reader allowed the company to place second in the US e-reader market. The company had claimed a twenty percent market share for its Nook reader last year as Amazon also claimed eighty percent of the same market. “

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Amazon positioned very well for eBook Revolution

With the help of the Kindle and the explosion of ebooks, Amazon is positioning itself to control up to 50% of the entire US book market by the end of 2012. Article by:

Seeking Alpha  ” There is a wide range of factors that are likely to push the velocity of change even faster for ebook sales specifically and Amazon’s share of the overall bookselling market in general, but the fact that brick and mortar bookstores are closing at a faster rate than ever, from local indies to chains, is bound to contribute to a snowballing effect. ”

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