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Pricing It Right

CNET has an article discussing the latest trends in eBook pricing. From the article:

” None of this bodes well for the publishing industry. Why? Well, 99 cents and $2.99 works for self-published authors, but it’s probably not going to cut it for traditional publishers or the authors who sign on with them. “


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HOW TO: Self Publish your eBook

The focus of maintream media regarding the eBook revolution is currently centered on the proliferation of eReaders like the Kindle, Nook and the iPad. However, over the course of the next year, the implications of anyone being able to publish their book(s) to a worldwide audience via the web will take center stage.

How many tens of thousands of writers, journalist, poets, and unknown authors will begin uploading their portfolio of stories and books online? How will they be discovered? What will they write about? Who will be the next JR Tolkien? The next Anne Rice? The next Hunter S. Thompson?

Will it be you?

Articles and resources regarding self-publishing your eBook below:

UPDATE: PCMag published a helpful article/slideshow here

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: J.A. Konrath’s (now infamous) article about his eBook success:  : ” Do you know what that is? That’s distribution. The very thing print publishers have had a lock on for a hundred years. Except now, authors control their own distribution.”

Memeburn  ” If you plan to make money from your book, it helps to have the marketing and web skills to promote the work yourself, and the design skills to create a professional-looking product. If you don’t, you can always hire a freelance consultant to help with these aspects. ”

The Huffington Post  ” Realize a book is a commercial product. Are your goals realistic? Who will buy your book? How will you reach your potential readers? Who is your competition? How will your book be better or different? ”

Self-Publishing Review – Provides numerous articles and resources related to self-publishing

FuelYourWriting.com has a good article about self-publishing and ebooks.

eBook Self-Publishing Guide has numerous facts and resources for writers considering self-publishing an eBook.

Catherine, Caffeinated provides an excellent checklist for ebook self-publishers.

Gizmodo – The founder of FastPencil.com provides self-publishing tips and hypes his service.

The Huffington Post – Author Boyd Morrison discusses his ability to land a deal with traditional book publishers with a successful eBook release.

Video: Creating a Kindle eBook on Amazon by ebookguru.org

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