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The Faster Times interviews author Matt bell about his exploration into self-publishing ebooks. From the article:

” I think indie publishers are right now well-served by the fact that many of their customers prefer paper books, especially ones that are well-crafted art objects. That’s going to keep their print runs and sales figures the same for a bit longer, but I think they should all be looking at e-books seriously, and figuring out what their strategy is for the fast-approaching day when everyone is completely comfortable with reading e-books on a daily basis. “


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eBooks Conversion Directory

Need help converting your masterpiece into an eBook format? Check out this article from The Book Designer

From the article:

” However, there’s such a big demand for ebook conversion services that firms like Joshua’s are simply overwhelmed with projects. Many large publishers are moving hundreds of backlist titles to ebook formats, and there are all the new books coming out ever day as well. ”

Here’s a direct link: ebookconversiondirectory.com

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